Post N3rdcon and new gallery

23 Mar

Hello o/

I’m back from N3rdcon and it took me a while to update but I’m finally doing so.😄

The con was great, it was located in Blumenau/SC. The city is very cute and gorgeous and despite this is a much smaller con to what I’m used to I had a great time. The con was great, so many great people there and a big plus, it had air conditioning *u*. At this time of the year it’s so hot that without this it would be impossible to walk around in costume.

I was able to debut my Zelda costume as well as wear my Ashe costume again. Yay, I’m so happy I was able to take some good pics of these two costumes, thanks to Rafael Ventura ;D

It’s too bad that I couldn’t take more pictures of the other cosplayers but I’ll post some taken at the con that I liked =).


Click continue reading to see the pics😉

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Zelda – The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

23 Mar

Character Name: Zelda

Game: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Costume debuted: March-2012

Awards won: Maskerade prize

As the Zelda fan I am, I had to play Skyward Sword. I was so desperate to play it but my game didn’t arrive right away, in fact I spent more than a month eagerly waiting for my copy to arrive at home and when it did I only played it untill I’ve finished it😄.

I fell in love with the art style they chose for Skyward Sword, wich seems to be a mix between the old zeldas style and Ghibli. At least that’s what I think ^^. The characters are so charismatic and cute, and I can’t say how much I loved this game. The only downside for me are the motion controls =P. I think this game would be best played with an ordinary controller but I digress.

The thing is, the moment I saw Zelda in the game I knew I would cosplay her. I’ve allways wanted to do a Zelda related costumes that I was dressed as the actuall Zelda😄. So here it is my first “princess” Zelda costume.

The costume took about a month to be done, most of the time were spent with sewing and I did all the rest in a week. I picked all my fabrics and I hand painted the whole costume, crafted all the accesories and styled the wig. It was a very stressfull week before the con, but it was worth it. I love my costume❤

N3rdcon here I come!

28 Feb

Hello =)

Finally my con hiatus is almost over. On the 10 and 11 of March I’ll be attending N3rdcon in Blumenau and I’m soooo excited! I’ve made some progress on my Zelda costume and now I’ve got the wig styled right😄

I really want to debut this costume at this con but I still can’t be sure that it’ll be complete by then. If that’s the case I’ll probably go as Velvet instead. The other costume I plan to use is my Ashe, from FFXII. I wore her only once and I want to use her more and hopefully take better pictures with this costume.

Changing the subject, I made a new section called LINKS here where you can find my other accounts like Deviantart, World Cosplay and etc. Please feel free to add me and follow me on those =)

I’m so excited to see what will happen soon.

Stay tunned


2012 news!

26 Feb

Hey guys,

So it’s been a while since my last post here.

I know I talked very excitedly about being part of the second “Cosplay in Rio Show”, but despite getting the third place, wich was awesome there were some issues going around with the organization and backstage that didn’t leave me that happy and thus I left you guys with no notice about the latest edition. But now that a lot have happened I feel comfortable about talking of it again.

Click on the images to be taken to the gallery to see the new photos

So for the good part I got to meet a lot of new people during the contest and had a lot of fun with many of the competing cosplayers. I was glad that most of the skits went right (unfortunately one of my favorite ones didn’t go that well ), and most of all I was glad that me and my friend Lelis were able to beat our previous time doing that skit. The third prize was a really pleasant bonus and I’m just glad that I managed to do what I wanted to in the first place. Of course the good vibes on the backstage between competitors helped a lot and I like when we end up cheering for one another.

Here’s our skit:

The bad part was mostly due to poor managment. All type of problems like schedule issues, food issues, stress… all sort of things that might have been solved if the people in charge were more attentive to what was going on. Also I was involved in a sad elevator accident on the night before our performance wich made us quite jumpy for a long time (oh! I never want to get stuck in an elevator ever again D= ).

Regardless of our good performance, our friends and our prize we left Rio de Janeiro with a bad taste, and ufortunately I don’t want to participate in this competition again.

On another topic I’ve been a little more active cosplaywise these days. I’m still trying to finish my Naga costume, but that one will take a while longer. The ones that I’m currently more active are my Zelda from Skyward Sword and Lady Karla from Lodoss.  Zelda is already 50% complete and I can’t wait to wear her. If everything keeps up turning alright I might be able to wear her during the N3rdcon, 10 and 11 March.


Also you can expect something bold from me and Lelis regarding WCS😄. I sure we’ll surpass everyones expectations this year =).

See ya!

Cosplay in Rio

26 Oct

Hey guys.

There will be a big cosplay competition very soon, in wich me and my partner Lelis will participate with our Breath of Fire II costumes. I just heard about it here on the website and got all excited about it.

So this competition is the Cosplay in Rio. Earlier this year we participated in the first edition and scored the 4th place with our Odin Sphere skit. Cosplay in Rio will take place in Rio de Janeiro at 15th of november.

I expect this to be a great show for everyone who is watching, and I’ll be sure to give the best of me ;D

I’ll be back with some more news soon.

This time I'll fly towards Rio de Janeiro =D

Anna Kyoyama – Shaman King

26 Oct

Character Name: Anna Kyoyama

Anime/Manga: Shaman King

Costume debuted: October-2004

Yep Anna was my first costume ever. I wore her at my first anime convention and I would never have imagined that this would become a hobby to me.

It’s quite a simple costume, and at the time things like wigs, or contact lenses were a mistery to me. I guess it’s not that bad if you consider the time that I cosplayed as her ^^.

PS: Yes this is the only picture I have of this costume =P

Hello there!

11 Oct

Hello guys!

This is my new Cosplay related web site. I’ll update here with new costumes, photoshoots and also some info about the cons and cosplay competition here. It’s been 7  years since I first started cosplaying and I guess it was about time I made a cosplay site. =)

You can check all of my costumes on the “Costumes” section above. I made a little introduction to each costume stating why I choose it and when they were first debuted, but if you fill something needs to be said don’t hesitate to comment.

I hope you guys do enjoy my work and I hope to keep updating this as often as possible =).



Click on the image above if you want to see the costumes section


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